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If you attended the Quiz Evening you will know the answer!

Is a Jaffa Cake, a cake or biscuit?

I think its fair to say we all learnt something, and experienced the joy of a good guess as our Quiz Evening returned in January with a ‘barnful’ of eager participants. Charles & Jan Pearson again produced a super evening full of testing questions and friendly banter.

There were questions on Spelling, General Knowledge, Sport, ’In the News’, Health/Medical, Cookery and a picture round. Congratulations to winners, John & Jean Thrussell with Mervyn & Sally Stedman, and the winning team name 'Some you win, Some you lose!' Very apt as they finished some way behind our winners!

Thank you to all who took part, and especially Charles & Jan. I know they are keen to do more, so watch this space.

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