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Scan of photo-print of West Blatchington


Based on it's serial number this photo can be dated to c1920 and appears to have been taken from a spot north-east of the Mill where Toads Hole was. Could that be Nevill Road crossing the picture left to right? The now King George Sixth Avenue climbs to the village and you can see why the locals call it ‘Snakey’. Indeed, if you look closely you can see someone walking near the top.


This photo memory was posted on a Facebook page called Historical Hove “actually” last November, by Dave Richards.  It features his father-in-law at the top of Snakey in the early 1950s. 

Our enduring Windmill can be clearly seen in the background. You may even be able to match the roads with the 1920s image above.
It is lovely to see the evolution of the area and the Windmill proudly sitting there throughout.

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